Juliette Kayyem for Governor (why #iamforkayyem)

The Democratic state convention is just days away. It’s time to stand up for Juliette Kayyem — http://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2014/06/11/kayyem-refreshing-candidate/i3Ryn7jWgpBgHiJ9i4uqAO/story.html


Juliette Kayyem should be the next Governor of Massachusetts. Among all the candidates, she offers the most thoughtful, creative and inspiring thinking about the direction the Commonwealth should take. And, unlike the other leading candidates, the office is not simply the next step in a career. Instead, Juliette wants to be Governor because she perceives an opportunity to make the Commonwealth a better place to live for all of our citizens. Poll numbers say that too many of us still don’t know who she is. So, by way of this blog, I offer a brief introduction and then a more fulsome explanation of my strong support of her candidacy.

Juliette brings a wide range of experience to her campaign. After graduating from Harvard College and Harvard Law School, Juliette joined the Civil Rights division of the Department of Justice, where she worked for not-yet Governor Patrick. She later served in…

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Josh is an employment lawyer, law teacher, blogger and radio commentator.
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