From 2012 — Colorado (my blog following the Aurora shootings)

I thought this old piece worth sharing again as we face another day of senseless shooting enabled by guns. #notonemore


Many of us have spent a lot of this weekend trying to make sense of madness.  We now live in a world that includes the reality that a night at the movies can explode in gunfire, just as we learned last summer that a morning at the supermarket could.  As the list of places that explode grows, so does our sense that there must be something we can do together to make us safer.  At the same time, we must also understand that we (as a country) have an incomplete understanding of mental illness and an inability to figure out what to do about assault weapons.  Some part of what happened in Colorado is beyond explanation.  Some part is a consequence of our failure to recognize and treat illness, on the one hand, and to regulate the distribution of assault weaponry, on the other.  The time is now to face…

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  1. Jonetta says:

    These topics are so coisnfnug but this helped me get the job done.

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