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Pub Rounds at Swarthmore

http://www.swarthmorephoenix.com/putting-the-pub-in-public/?goback=%2Egde_5143563_member_275129922#%21   The article reminds me of some wonderful (perhaps slightly drunken) arguments in the Old Club at Swarthmore with, among others — Mike Dorf, Tim Moore, Martha Hirschfield, Ben Alpers, Peter Klipstein, Phil Weiser, John Gastil, Ray Vasvari, Randy … Continue reading

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Thirty years ago my mother drove me to Swarthmore College for orientation.  I remember feeling completely at sea — eager to get started at the same time that I had absolutely no idea what it meant to get started.  Later … Continue reading

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From June 2012 — Reunion

In my own small corner of the world, this is a big week.   My 18-year old stepdaughter will graduate from high school on Friday.  My 17-year old son will finish his junior year the same day.  And on Saturday, … Continue reading

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Obama and King: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow

Today, all across the country, we observe a holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  In our schools, children are introduced to, or reminded of, his life.  Inevitably, radios play the words of his “I Have a Dream” … Continue reading

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