Elie Wiesel and Donald Trump



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Josh is an employment lawyer, law teacher, blogger and radio commentator.
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1 Response to Elie Wiesel and Donald Trump

  1. Aaron H. says:

    How can one eulogize Wiesel without evoking politics? It was politics and an aversion to speaking out and condemning or even believing in the possibility of such evil that allowed Hitler to get so far. It is the silence that empowers bigotry and hatred against which Wiesel railed. If we really will not let it happen again, we must be vigilant, and listen carefully and resist. In his writing Wiesel takes us beyond the edges of what is human to the inhumanity of which we are capable. When will we stand up to Trump’s assault on what we know is decent and fair? We must be vigilant and if we are, we will have taken Wiesel’s words beyond heart to action. I say right on to this writer and the courage to condemn.

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