This Morning’s Radio (the podcast)

Here’s the podcast from this morning’s co-hosting on Boston Herald Radio (with Hilary Chabot) — Boston Olympics (and Juliette Kayyem); an interview with Mayor Marty Walsh; Bill Cosby; the nutty Harvard Business Professor and Sichuan Garden; Sex Assault on College Campuses; Elizabeth Warren 2016; Movies; Chris Rock; and Tom Shattuck’s legal troubles.

About Josh Davis

Josh is an employment lawyer, law teacher, blogger and radio commentator.
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3 Responses to This Morning’s Radio (the podcast)

  1. Jessica Davis says:

    where are you in this podcast…we’ve been listening a long while. xo

    Jessica Hoffmann Davis PO Box 280 Holderness, NH 03245 ph: 603-968-7418 website:

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