Tomorrow’s Primary (my thoughts)

I thought I’d take a minute to share my plans for tomorrow’s state primary. I am going to vote as follows:

STEVE GROSSMAN for Governor. I think Steve is best qualified both by way of experience and by the time and thought he has put into preparation to govern the Commonwealth. I admire his dedication to public service and his passion for our collective possibility. If you have not read the Boston Globe editorial endorsing him, you need to do so before you vote for either of the other two candidates. It’s here —

STEVE KERRIGAN for Lieutenant Governor. It’s about his first name. Actually, it’s about his energy and commitment to the core principles that make our party better. Steve’s breadth of experience and belief in what the position can mean distinguish him in what has been a low-key battle.

MAURA HEALEY for Attorney General. This is a tough race, as there is much to commend about Warren Tolman’s career. At the same time, if it’s about who is best ready to lead the people’s law firm and who is most clear on what it takes to run that office, Maura seems obviously the best choice. Also — she’s the best political debater in recent memory. Warren bailed on the last few debates with good reason.

TOM CONROY for State Treasurer. I think he’s best qualified to assume the job in which Steve Grossman has excelled.

Finally — in my little corner of the Commonwealth, Dylan Hare gets my vote for State Senate. He’s best positioned to take on Richard Ross in the Fall.

About Josh Davis

Josh is an employment lawyer, law teacher, blogger and radio commentator.
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