Talk Radio in Boston

We’re a little more than a week away from the primary and there is almost no meaningful radio conversations about the race. We need more and better talk radio here.


Over the past year, I have spent several hours a week talking on the radio in Boston.  Beginning in August, I hosted a two-hour program every Sunday night from 7-9pm on what used to be NewsTalk 96.9.  Guests — from the Globe’s Glen Johnson to former Channel 5 weatherman Dick Albert to the Dean of Admissions at Swarthmore College — joined me and helped in my weekly quest to make a little more sense of our world.  In addition, I had the good fortune to fill-in for Jim Braude on the Jim & Margery show (Margery Eagan is really smart), for Doug Meehan and for Hank Morse.  I also joined Michael Graham and others for election night coverage — trying to make sense of returns through our respective partisan lenses.  Everything I saw made me think that talk radio is a vital and important medium.  So, consider this not an…

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Josh is an employment lawyer, law teacher, blogger and radio commentator.
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