From December 2012 — Jordan Russell Davis (Stand Your Ground)

I have been outraged about this case for so long. The best way to express my anger today is to share this again. The law should not protect racists whose hatred makes them terrified and violent. We are all, individually and as a society, better than that.


The nation spent a good part of this year trying to make sense of Trayvon Martin’s killing.  Remarkably, at least to me, much of the discussion centered on whether or not the young man assaulted George Zimmerman and not about whether George Zimmerman should simply have left the scene and yielded authority to the police.  As that matter heads to trial in Florida, some news sources are beginning to tell the story of Jordan Russell Davis, whose death strikes me as yet another example of why the “stand your ground” laws in Florida and elsewhere need to be undone.

Jordan Russell Davis was shot to death outside a convenience store in Jacksonville, Florida by Michael David Dunn.  Davis was 17 and African American.  Dunn is 45 and White.  Davis was in an SUV listening to loud music with friends.  Dunn drove up to the convenience store and complained about Davis’s…

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