Ted Cruz — former debater

Former APDA debater Mara Dolan and I talked on the radio yesterday about Ted Cruz’s campaign for President —

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Why try Tsarnaev?


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Conversation with City Councilor Ayanna Pressley

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Friday’s radio — toe to toe with CPAC

I spent my morning on the radio doing battle with real conservatives (including those who claim that there is a war on religion,and those who believe unequal pay is about merit). Hillary Chabot and I tackle these issues (with Tom Shattuck live from CPAC) with some time spent talking about dogs and snow, baseball’s neverending season, and the weather. The podcast is here —

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Herald Radio 9-12 Friday (2/27)

I’ll host Morning Meeting tomorrow from 9-12 with Hillary Chabot. You can listen here —


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Morning Meeting — Governor Baker is failing and we need to make the MBTA work.

Here is this morning’s radio program. We talk a lot about the MBTA (and are joined by former Secretary of Transportation Jim Aloisi); a little about turning Fenway Park into an Olympic stadium; a lot about Governor Baker and the snow; a little about movies; and a little about music —


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On Monday, Governor Baker went to work . . .

My take on Governor Baker’s decision to call Monday a “work day.”


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